Drain Replacement Service

Drain Replacement Service

An excavation and pipe replacement is a drastic measure, but sometimes it must be done. Carrying out this type of project calls for a great deal of expertise and knowledge in order to have the job done correctly. With DrainWorks Plumbing, that’s exactly what you get. Because a full excavation is such an involved, labour intensive process, we ensure that we employ staff with years of experience that are highly trained in all manners of excavating. Because we treat everyone’s home with the same respect we show our own, our excavations are surgical in nature and very unobtrusive.

After examining the problem by doing a drain camera inspection and trying to clear the drain with our drain snake equipment, the last step for a permanent solution to your drain problem would be a complete drain pipe replacement through excavation.

If for some reason, however, a traditional excavation is not an option, Our “No-Dig” Technology has proven to be such a permanent solution; you can now fix your drain pipes without having to trench dig your property. In some situations, a “no-dig” repair is the preferred approach to pipe repair or replacement in order to minimize disruption to the property. Our trenchless no dig technology is useful in certain situations, pipes running under landscaping/gardens, highly finished basements, areas with large or structured items in the dig area.

Regardless of the approach that DrainWorks Plumbing takes in carrying out a pipe repair, we make sure that your property is left in pristine condition, and provide lifetime warranties on underground drainage replacement.

If for some reason, however, “No-Dig” Technology cannot be used on your property, there are of course other options available. In some circumstances, we can make use of hydro-jetting, which is an unobtrusive technology.

Don’t trust a major excavation and pipe replacement project to any fly-by-night plumber. Rely on the trusted knowledge of the highly-experienced, fully insured, non-commissioned, and award-winning DrainWorks Plumbing team to get the job done right, on-budget, and on time.