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Words from DrainWorks’® Founder

Terry Cord, the founder, says DrainWorks® is a drain and plumbing company that is dedicated to delivering quality and professional plumbing service; yet, he still considers DrainWorks® to be a customer-service company first. To be completely satisfied with the work you need done, you need a service-oriented company to solve your problem properly. DrainWorks® is that company.

I made a commitment to myself and the company a long time ago that the DrainWorks team would run with a level of professionalism that most people don’t believe exists anymore in our industry. It’s who we are and what we believe in.

It may seem strange to you, but plumbing and drains are our passion, and it shows in everything we do. For instance, we always show up on time because we know you’re busy and don’t want to wait around.

We are exceptionally clean in our work – in terms of our equipment and your home. We wear little booties over our shoes so as not to dirty your floor, and when they leave, they always leave your home exactly as they found it (or cleaner!) and you’ll never see a dirty or rusty DrainWorks® vehicle anywhere. Likewise, our plumbers are always polite and courteous, not to mention skilled and professional at what they do. We go to great lengths to assure we protect your property and be as non-intrusive as possible.

Many of the other Toronto Plumbing companies use freelance plumbers who are compensated by commission rather than salary. This can be quite costly to you, and in our view, is a questionable business practice. We on the other hand, employ permanent, salary-based plumbers, so their goal is not to up-sell you, which can be an unpleasant situation when dealing with freelance or commission-based plumbers. We hope this gives you some peace of mind knowing that the work we do and what we recommend is service-driven, not sales-driven.

In fact, the main goal of a DrainWorks plumber is to assure you are educated as a customer and fully-satisfied (if not more) with the level of service you receive. DrainWorks’ plumbers are fully prepared with what they call ‘mobile warehouses‘ (their trucks) which have all the tools, pieces, and fixtures they need to be able to complete a job on the spot – unless your problem is truly unusual or the scope of work dictates a second visit.

Furthermore, to prove that it is possible to be both the best and cheapest option, DrainWorks® promises to beat any comparable written competitor’s drain quote by 10% of the difference. So, you get the best price and the most trusted service from the same company. Plus we promise, we will clear it, or you don’t pay!®

DrainWorks® is also a dedicated member of the community, donating time and money to charity organizations such as the SickKids Foundation. Giving is part of our nature, and we have also been proud supporters and participators in the Easter Seals Telethon for the past several years.

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Through over 25 years of hard work, I am confident that DrainWorks® has raised the bar for plumber and drain services in Toronto. DrainWorks® is all about respect to the customer, whether it be the way they explain the problem and your options, or show you clear, up-front pricing. I guarantee that no one is going to work harder to earn your trust than DrainWorks®. Expect your expectations to be exceeded.